The right way to fold socks!


VIA SKYPE … or anyone your camming with and it’s important

eye contact with web cam

Tape googly eyes next to your webcam to help maintain eye contact.

Now I want to go on a holiday so I can try this….

compact clothes

compact clothes 1

compact clothes 2

compact clothes 3

compact clothes 4

compact clothes 5

Hot Dogs

cook hot dog in coffee pot

I don’t do this at home but I’ve done this quite a lot at motels while travelling much to the chagrin of the motel maids.

What The What….


Ok, I haven’t checked this out yet, but this is interesting, I’ll update after trying it out.

12 Healthy Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Pre-soak Pasta

pre soak pasta

Works great when I think of it !

12 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

mount up you tablet


I liked this, but i’m using it for my 7″ Google Nexus Tablet to look at my recipes while cooking and baking.

How to easily transport hanging clothes when moving


I wish I would have know this, so much of my clothes got wrecked by falling out of the truck in the rain.